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As we know GTA San Andreas is the most popular game especially in youth, although it's free version available in play store but it can't enough features to use it. Here you can download the APK version of this game and enjoy all premium features free of cost.
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The GTA franchise first paved its way into the world by introducing the first installment in 1997. Rockstar Games developed the game to give people an insight into how the underworld operates. You can download the modded installment for GTA San Andreas Mod APK and explore the world of the underworld gangs. Pave your way through the city to get out of the reach of other gangs while spreading chaos.

GTA London was the second installment to the popular franchise and it dropped in arcades back in 1999. Out of all the installments, the most famous one to date is GTA vice city. In this article, we will shed light on the well-known installment GTA San Andreas Mod APK version.

This installment for the game dropped in 2004 and was immediately received positively by the audience. Moreover, the game has a great storyline that follows the life of a gangster and how he roams about in the city.

What Makes the Game Different

The main story of the game revolves around a fictional novel that came out in 1992. The novel has a gangster who goes by the name Carl Johnson. He indulges himself in a lot of criminal activities in his surroundings. The game also depicts that he frequently picks up fights with his fellow gang members, and also establishes new connections due to his work form.

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About GTA San Andreas Mod APK

GTA San Andreas APK is another version of the original that has all the paid features unlocked. It is one of the most highly-grossed games developed by the franchise. The game is also present for Play Stations and deems positive reviews. It was regarded as the highest-grossing game of Play-Station 2 back when it was launched.

GTA San Andreas is situated in a fictional city. The game is highly regarded due to its attention to every little detail. Initially, GTA SA was only on Play-Station 2 and Personal Computers when it was rolled out. However, it is supported by all devices now. 

This article is all about how to get your hands on every feature of the original installment for GTA SA. You can download the modded version for GTA SA Mod APK from down below.

Features of the GTA San Andreas Mod APK

The game encompasses all the missed features in the previous installments. For example, GTA Vice City did not have a swimming option. In addition, the third installment had horrible graphics. But, GTA San Andreas has features that don’t miss out on anything and keep you hooked. 

Different Driving Vehicles

In GTA San Andreas you get a lot of vehicle options. You will witness new vehicles regularly, where the most attention is given to Police Motorcycle and BMX Bike. The previous installments in the game did not give bike options.

The vehicles also have customized options that give you the liberty to apply exciting tricks while finishing your missions. Furthermore, the game also has the feature of riding on an airplane. This mode of transportation is not seen in many games. 

Improved Features for Driving

You can shoot your enemies and other members of other gangs while riding any vehicle. You can also shoot while riding a bike or a car. For shooting through a car, you need someone else to drive from your gang so that you can aim easily. 

Swimming Feature

You can splash into the water and run from members of other gangs. Swim as fast as you can to get across the water feature. Keep a watch on your stamina as that is going to help you tell how far you can go.

Character Options

The previous installments in the GTA franchise only allowed for styling your avatars with clothes. You can even choose a different character to go on missions. GTA San Andreas Mod APK offers you to change your character’s hairstyles, go to tattoo salons, and more options.

Get the alterations done through tattoo shops, clothing stores, barbershops, and more. You are only required to go to these places and alter your look using money.

Upgrade Your Health through Shops

You can go to the food stores shown on the map while upgrading your health. Find the food facility near you and choose through different places like burger shops, fast food stores, tattoo bars, and more where you can enter and pamper your character.

Aim at your Opponents

In this installment of GTA games, you can easily aim at an accurate target. The previous GTA games did not come with shooting skills that helped you shoot easily. However, in GTA San Andreas you can easily knock out other gang members.

Locate your friends and Cooperate to Play

This is the best part of the GTA game because you can play with friends through in the online environment. Also, go to secret places made for gang members in the game and start completing your missions over there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is GTA San Andreas Mod APK free?

The modded version is free to play and has no other subscription fee or any other charges. You even get all the premium features at no price. Enjoy wandering about the city while carrying out missions for your gang. 

Is the Mod APK file free of viruses?

The APK file for San Andreas Mod APK has no viruses or any other threat. You can download the game without any fear and indulge in the gangster game and spread chaos in the city. You do not need to root your device which might make it open to virus attacks.

Is the Mod version for San Andreas on Google Play Store?

No, this is because Mod APK versions do not adhere to the terms and conditions given by Google. Hence, the game can only be installed through platforms other than the Google Play Store.


The game sports a huge following that shows how famouss the GTA franchise is. The game also has very realistic features that make it even more thrilling. So, download and install GTA San Andreas APK now and explore how the underworld operates.

What's new

For those currently progressing through the game, please load your game from a manual save slot instead of selecting “Resume”. This only needs to be done once after updating. Afterward, “Resume” will function normally. General bug fixes and improvements.

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